El Sabor de Oaxaca Mole Coloradito $16.95

Mexico’s rich mole exists in hundreds of varietals—from bright mole verde to dark and nutty mole negro to rich and bright Oaxacan mole coloradito—but it’s increasingly difficult to find one in the States that showcases its complex flavors without processing or added sugar.

Containing nuts, chili and oftentimes dried fruit and spices, mole is popular in paste form, as it allows the home cook to infuse dishes with layers of flavor without the laborious process of grinding, rehydrating, cooking, pureeing and reducing.

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Use this rich paste in Mexican dishes like pollo en mole or enmoladas or get creative and incorporate into less traditional fare. Dilute with water or stock and fold into shredded chicken or beef. Try mixing it into ground meat and veggies and baking under mashed potatoes and pie crust for a spiced up version of Shepard’s pie. Or dollop a spoonful into a bean chili or any other hearty soup that will benefit from the mole’s sweet and savory complexity.

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