Garcima Pata Negra 15-Inch Paella Pan $69.00

Good paella starts with a great pan.

For good, authentic paella, you need three things: high-quality rice, good saffron and a well-made pan. The protein and vegetables may vary based on the recipe, but for paella’s signature texture and flavor, the three pillars are must-haves—particularly an excellent pan.

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Try our Chicken and Bean Paella in this dish. It also works beautifully for any recipe that calls for a heavy-bottomed skillet.

Kitchen Notes

After every use, wash and dry the pan completely; apply a light coating of oil to prevent rust. If rust develops, rub off with steel wool before using the pan again. Color changes in carbon steel pans are natural and expected with use—the pan will also absorb a bit of flavor from every paella, like cast iron.

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