Kinto Butter Dish

Butter left exposed to the air in your refrigerator will turn sour quickly, picking up off flavors. And when we say quickly, we mean in just a few days. So, that is why folks have designed butter containers to keep the butter fresher longer. Unfortunately, most designs are either basic, bland or boring or they require maintenance as in the designs that seal the upside-down butter container with water. (It eventually gets moldy when ignored – believe me, I know from experience!) We wanted something simple and easy to clean. Say hello to this lovely Japanese porcelain-and-bamboo container that seals tight enough to prevent your butter from absorbing off odors in the refrigerator. The angular, compact shape won’t command too much space on the shelf and both the bamboo and porcelain are easy to wipe clean. Take your pick of crisp white or glossy black.

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