Milk Street Julienne Peeler
Shred Anything With Ease

Shreds with Ease

Razor-sharp 420 steel blade juliennes anything.

Comfortable Grip Through the Hardest Vegetables

The handle is designed for a firm and comfortable grip to slice through the toughest vegetables.

Replaceable Blades

All blades eventually wear out; ours swap out in seconds so the handle will last for decades.

Shreds, Not Pulp

The razor-sharp julienne peeler blades produce crisp shreds, not the watery pulp of a box grater.

Rustproof and Dishwasher-Safe

The julienne peeler is easy to clean.

High-Vis Strut

The vibrant blue strut makes the peeler easy to find in a crowded utility drawer or dishwasher.

Change The Way You Cook

with the Milk Street Julienne Peeler

Change The Way You Cook

Never Have to Clean a Food Processor for the Small Jobs

Use the easy-clean julienne peeler; leave the food processor in the cabinet.
Change The Way You Cook

Forget Shredding Your Knuckles on a Box Grater

No more bloody knuckles while making coleslaw.
Change The Way You Cook

Three-Way Grip: Pinch It, Power-Up with Index Finger, or Just Pick It Up and Julienne!

The unique handle shape allows for a comfortable grip in multiple positions. Pinch grip between thumb and forefinger for precision control or loop your finger over the yoke for more power when handling tougher skinned vegetables like butternut squash. Or just hold it naturally for easy jobs.
Change The Way You Cook

Built Tough for Lifetime Use—and Dishwasher Safe!

The Julienne Peeler is machined from 304 stainless steel, which is impervious to rust and maintains a luster. It cleans up easily by hand or in the dishwasher.
Change The Way You Cook

Pivoting Blade Suits All Angles. It Even Works with Gnarly Shapes and Sizes

A wide pivot for the blade accommodates the curves and angles of fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

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