JIA Inc. Companion Wok $129.95 - $145.95

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This wok is ideal for high-temperature cooking due to its carbon steel body it can also be used to steam, stir-fry, deep fry boil and braise.

Kitchen Notes

The pan comes with a naturally rust-resistant iron nitride layer. This won’t wash off, but before its first use, the pan should be gently rinsed with warm water (NO soap) to remove any dirt from the warehouse/packaging. Wipe dry, then place empty on the stove on low heat. Let the heat completely dry the pan, remove from heat, add a few teaspoons neutral oil (like peanut oil), and wipe evenly over the entire interior surface of the wok. Let Cool completely, then wipe out any remaining oil.

After you finish cooking, rinse the wok with hot water and wipe clean. Gently scrub stubborn bits. Wipe dry, place over a low heat to fully dry, then wipe with a thin coat of neutral oil and let cool. Wipe out any remaining oil.

Use care when cooking with acidic foods. Prolonged exposure to acidity can cause reactions with the metal that can cause food discoloration and off flavors— just like with a cast iron pan.

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