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For every technique out there to improve an ingredient’s aroma, texture or flavor, there’s an ideal tool for the job. Our kitchen tests (or designs!) everything we sell; we’ve narrowed down the five tools that are the absolute best for getting the most out of your ingredients and building your most functional kitchen yet.


The moHA! ginger grater has blades that are arranged in all directions for steady grating, as opposed to a one-directional rasp grater. But like with a wand-style rasp grater, moHA!'s cutting surface is made of sharp and durable precision-cut stainless steel. When you rotate the device, an integrated cleaning arm sweeps in a circular motion to scrape shavings off the blade, so all of the grated food ends up in your recipe, not stuck in crevices. A small compartment catches food shavings, for less mess and easier measuring; plus, the concave sides are comfortable to hold and allow you to keep a firm grip on the grater during use. The moHA! Ginger Grater has pieces that detach easily for cleaning, but the device stays together during use. When you're done using it, simply disassemble and toss it in the dishwasher.


This Turkish tool is the secret to perfect char-roasted vegetables, especially if you don’t have a grill or fire pit. The disk fits perfectly over the grate of a gas grill or the burner of a gas stove, so no more painstakingly monitoring vegetables under the broiler or accidentally setting them on fire. The design lets heat circulate evenly around the vegetables, so you are truly roasting, rather than searing (as you would on a skillet). The holes in the kozmatik are spaced close enough to hold even small veggies, so there’s no struggle to keep a bulbous eggplant steady or keep slender spring onions from falling into the fire or rolling off. It’s also less messy than trying to char directly on the burner: The kozmatik catches nearly all of the bits of charred vegetable skin and juices that would otherwise leak onto the surface of the stove; and, once cooled, it can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Virtually impossible to track down in the U.S., this tool is essential for achieving luscious roasted eggplant and smoky-sweet roasted peppers.



Meet the Serrated Kitchin-tan, an all-purpose knife that takes the proven shape and functionality of the Kitchin-tan and adds a maintenance-free serrated edge. We thoughtfully designed our 5.5-inch long, 1.4116 German steel Kitchin-tan knife to fill the gap between a chef’s knife and paring knife. It’s long enough for big tasks, and the grippy teeth slice though anything: fibrous asparagus stalks, thick-skinned squash, rubbery citrus peels or a gooey wedge of Brie. And those razor-sharp teeth also work for detail work, like slicing chicken breasts, butterflying shrimp or chopping soft fruit. It’ll cut through a bagel or crusty baguette with ease, without crushing the delicate inner crumb, and the knife’s rounded tip makes spreading butter or cream cheese on top an easy feat. The midsized, ergonomic polymer handle is designed to comfortably adapt to a variety of cutting styles; it tapers toward the blade for a secure grip. The German 1.4116 steel blade is cut with fine, razor-sharp serrations that hold an edge for ages without any maintenance.

The Garlic Slicer Mincer Set from Microplane perfectly marries form and function—with a shape that fits snugly in your hand and two different blades for mincing, grating and slicing notoriously unruly garlic into uniform pieces. Along with an integrated removable scraper and transparent collection chamber, it also features two different blades specially made for slicing and mincing. This tool can tackle three or more cloves at a time efficiently and safely without needing to contend with a heavy chef’s knife, precarious mandolin or even a cutting board, keeping your fingers away from danger (and that ever-lingering garlic odor).

This box grater features four cutting sides—coarse grate, medium grate, fine grate and slice—all made from etched metal, which increases each blade’s sharpness and durability, and they won’t buckle under pressure. And unlike other brands, which often have a thick frame of metal or plastic between each cutting surface, Cusipro extends each of their grater's cutting surfaces to the edge: more area means easier slicing, quicker grating and less work, so you can tackle soft foods like certain cheeses and sturdy veggies like carrots with ease. Plus, there aren’t any extra nooks and crannies for bits of food to get stuck in, making for easier cleanup. Its ergonomic top handle is coated in comfortable, nonslip rubber, and the grater has a rubberized detachable base that holds it steady, measures volume and collects the gratings. You can simply grate, measure, remove and dump directly into your pan without extra fuss.

These tools make the dozens of little tasks the everyday cook has to do in the kitchen more efficient. You’ll notice how much easier and faster cooking is with well-designed tools, created to solve the problems of kitchen prep—and you’ll notice how much better your food tastes. Start to change the way you cook with any of the tools in this collection.


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