For every technique out there to improve an ingredient’s aroma, texture or flavor, there’s an ideal tool for the job. Our kitchen tests (or designs!) everything we sell; we’ve narrowed down the five tools that are the absolute best for getting the most out of your ingredients and building your most functional kitchen yet.

The moHA! ginger grater has blades that are arranged in all directions for steady grating. When you rotate the device, an integrated cleaning arm sweeps in a circular motion to scrape shavings off the blade, so all of the grated food ends up in your recipe, not stuck in crevices.
This Turkish tool is the secret to perfect char-roasted vegetables, especially if you don’t have a grill or fire pit. The disk fits perfectly over the grate of a gas grill or the burner of a gas stove, so no more painstakingly monitoring vegetables under the broiler or accidentally setting them on fire.
This unique serving spoon-knife combo tool is a must-have for serving. The concave shape and wider width actually lifts up the food and holds it there—it won’t go tumbling back onto the platter like it would with a classic narrow, triangular server.
Most pepper mills take forever to grind just one tablespoon. This design is grinds spices quickly and easily. Its innovative back-and-forth ratchet action is easier than a twist-style mill, especially for those with hand issues. The precision ceramic grinder is effective and durable, and the front-loading hopper is far easier than top-loading grinders, where half the spices inevitably spill during filling.
The serrated Milk Street Kitchin-tan utility knife will be the most useful knife in your kitchen. It’s long enough for many big tasks, but small enough for detail work. The grippy razor teeth effortlessly slice though anything and everything from tomatoes and peppers, fibrous broccoli stems and asparagus stalks, to rubbery citrus peels.

These tools make the dozens of little tasks the everyday cook has to do in the kitchen more efficient. You’ll notice how much easier and faster cooking is with well-designed tools, created to solve the problems of kitchen prep—and you’ll notice how much better your food tastes. Start to change the way you cook with any of the tools in this collection.


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