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Villa Jerada Aleppo Pepper

Fruity, subtly cumin flavored and only moderately spicy, coarse-ground Aleppo pepper is used throughout Middle Eastern cooking. We use it frequently and consider it a valuable flavoring for all manner of dishes that benefit from a little spark of heat. Villa Jerada’s sourcing is impeccable as these flakes are particularly moist and richly flavored. Keep a small bowl on the table alongside your flaky salt for seasoning during dinner, dust over soups or roasted vegetables, or heat a spoonful in oil until bubbling for a quick flavored (and ruddy colored) oil to drizzle over soups, stews, salads, beans—you name it. It’s an essential element of our Turkish Red Lentil Soup mentioned above with the ras el hanout. If you like the flavor of dried chilies, but not the spiciness, Aleppo pepper is for you.

  • Net weight: 60 grams
  • Ingredients: Aleppo Pepper
  • Place of Origin: Morocco

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