Burlap & Barrel Sun-Dried Tomato Powder $10.95

Co-founders Ethan Frisch and Ori Zohar began Burlap and Barrel—one of the U.S.‘s pioneering single-origin spice companies—in 2017 after coming across wild cumin in the remote mountains of Afghanistan.

Now the company partners with small farmers from Turkey to Tanzania to source ingredients that range from mint grown on the Euphrates River to cinnamon from Zanzibar. These smallholder farmers cultivate their crops using traditional techniques, often ones passed down from the generations before them.

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Use in place of tomato paste (1 tsp of powder mixed with 2 tsp of of water= 1 tbsp of paste), stir into soups or sauces, add a tablespoon to ground meat, pastas, veggies and meat rubs or sauté with mirepoix. It’s also delicious sprinkled over sliced tomatoes, focaccia or pizza.

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Shelf stable.

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