Elevator Coffee for Milk Street 177 Coffee Blend

After tasting coffees from roasters around the country, we finally settled on a partnership with Elevator Cafe & Commons, a small roaster in Portland, Oregon, to produce a custom blend for us from the freshest beans. The bright, clear flavors and precision of their roasting thoroughly impressed us. When you order our blend, you can be sure that the beans have been freshly roasted and shipped out immediately.

Our inaugural 177 Milk Street coffee is a do-it-all blend that works across brewing methods and accommodates a variety of palates. The medium roast mix of Central and South American beans packs a full, rich body and a balanced nutty, cocoa-rich flavor. It’s a solid, full-bodied blend that’ll be terrific brewed in your standard coffee maker, pour over, French press, Italian-style Moka pot or cold brew.

  • Whole Bean

  • 12 oz

  • Roasted to Order

  • Use a fine grind when brewing with an espresso machine

  • Use a coarse grind for your french press

  • Use a medium-fine grind for Pour Over

  • Use medium to coarse for Cold Brew