Oliveri Fungi Secchi Porcini (Dried Porcini Mushrooms) $19.95

King of the mushrooms…

Porcini, Boletus edulis, or the King bolete, is among the most prized mushrooms. They grow in late summer and fall in central and northern Italy, among forests that feature pine, chestnut, hemlock and spruce trees. Foraged by hand by fungaioli, these local foragers go in search of these valuable mushrooms with their large caps, and thick bulbous stems, growing up to a foot in diameter.

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Once hydrated in hot water, use these mushrooms and their soaking liquid (strained) in soups, rice and risotto dishes, sauces, and with meats. Try them in Farro with Cremini Mushrooms and Arugula using 1 ounce dried mushrooms rehydrated in 3½ cups boiling water. Use the strained soaking liquid in place of water in the dish. The rehydrated mushrooms should be added with the farro instead of sautéed. Or make Pasta with Sausage and Porcini Mushroom Ragù. Try in our classic Mushroom Risotto, rehydrating ¾- 1 ounces dried porcinis to substitute for the fresh mushrooms. Save the liquid to use in place of some of the vegetable stock. Or try with a noodle dish like our Black Bean Noodles with Pork and Mushrooms. Rehydrate 1 full package of dried porcinis to substitute for the fresh mushrooms.

Kitchen Notes

Rinse the mushrooms first, to remove any leftover grit or dirt. Strain the soaking liquid through a cheesecloth or coffee filter-lined mesh strainer to remove any impurities.

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