Suehiro Ceramic Water Wheel Knife Sharpener for Double Beveled Knife $34.95

A sustainable, easy-to-use alternative to natural whetstones.

Even though natural whetstones deliver a beautiful finish, they also come with some drawbacks: they can be expensive or contain impurities that can damage knives, or inefficient or challenging to use for first-timers. That’s why Suehiro set out to create a synthetic whetstone that would not only rival a natural one, but surpass it. Suehiro applied their extensive knowledge of whetstones to create one that’s user friendly, reliable, and the better choice for coarse and medium sharpening.

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Use this roller sharpener for double-edged knives, like thin-blade stainless-steel all-purpose kitchen knives. Fill the tank with water until the roller is fully covered and replace lid. The water well comes with an easy-open lid and a handle that provides excellent grip. Place the knife into the slit, then move back and forth about 10 times. The Suehiro sharpener works for left– and right–handed users.

Kitchen Notes

Use room temperature water to wash the wheel and to fill the water well. Air-dry whetstone wheel after washing. The wheel and other components are removable and can be easily replaced in case of wear and tear or damage using Suehiro roller #150.

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