Vermicular Skillet and Lid $215.00 - $220.00

Hotter and faster, that’s the trick.

The thin, lightweight design of the Vermicular skillet starts with molten iron heated to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit—hotter than most brands—and then poured into sand molds in a few seconds—a fraction of the time of other brands—to ensure durability for such an even, extremely thin product. Next, the skillet is baked at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit before the enamel coating is applied in a precise way to avoid warping. Finally, craftspeople hand-carve each wooden handle before the skillet is fully assembled.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Use as you would any 10-inch skillet.

Kitchen Notes

Compatible with all stovetops, not for oven-use. Avoid metal cooking tools while using. Avoid abrasive products while cleaning.

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