Azienda Agricola Caravaglio Capers in Wine Vinegar $17.95

Fragrant and delicately crunchy, these capers are grown in the mineral-rich soil of the island of Salina, just off the coast of Sicily.

​Producer Antonia Caravaglio takes Lilliput capers, which are known for their sweeter flavor, and carefully sorts them before letting the buds gently dry in the sun for 10 days before being packed in sea salt to cure. After a second, month-long round of curing with fresh salt, the capers are rinsed before getting packed in a brine of white wine vinegar and water.

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These briny buds are great in spreads—try adding a spoonful to a can of tuna, with a crack of black pepper and a spoonful of softened cream cheese or mayo. Add minced shallot and fresh dill or parsley and smear on a slice of rye or sourdough toast with sliced radishes and an extra sprinkle of herbs, or in place of pate on a cheese board with crackers.​

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No need to rinse before incorporating into your favorite recipe.

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