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Maalouf EVOO, 500ml

Buying good extra virgin olive oil always feels like a gamble. There are countless varieties from multiple countries and its impossible to gauge what they may taste like without committing to a bottle (which may be expensive—and not very good). Frankly, all we want is an all-purpose, fresh-flavored olive oil to use for salads, drizzling over cooked meats and vegetables, swirling into thick Greek yogurt for dips and swiping our bread. A good olive oil can be a sauce onto itself.  We found exactly what we wanted in the stellar oil from Maalouf, a small producer in North Lebanon. Stone-milled exclusively from a single grove of small, slender Souri olives grown in North Lebanon, this early-harvest oil possesses a potent green color and a buttery, rich flavor with hints of green apple and artichoke. It has a subtle peppery kick and addictively long, nutty finish. This is truly an all-purpose, extra-virgin olive oil without the overpowering bitterness that mars many other brands. This is the last oil of the season from Maalouf, so when we sell out, we sell out until next season's oil is bottled. We bought everything we could, but it's still very limited volume.

  • Net Volume: 500 ml
  • Single grove, single variety 
  • Unfiltered
  • Exclusive