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La Chamba® Comal

Named for its place of origin, La Chamba clay cookware from Colombia is crafted completely by hand using centuries-old methods. Made from local river clay, this stunning matte-black comal can be used directly on the stovetop for everything from toasting spices and charring vegetables to frying eggs or warming tortillas. It is perfect for use on the grill when cooking delicate vegetables or fish that benefit from the smoky heat of the grill but could stick or fall apart if cooked directly on the grate. Use the La Chamba comal to char vegetables for our Oaxacan Green Mole with Chicken.

Making La Chamba cookware is quite literally a community effort, and every piece passes through the hands of various skilled artisans in one village in Colombia. The three types of clay used in the dishes’ construction make them strong enough to use in the oven, microwave or on your stove—but as with all clay cookware, La Chamba pieces should not be exposed to extreme temperature shock. Instead, heat your comal over low flame, or put it in the oven before preheating.
  • Dimensions: 12 in x 12 in x 1.5 in 
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash | After each use, fill with warm, soapy water, allowing to soak briefly if heavily soiled, then scrubbing lightly with a sponge or soft cloth.
  • Handmade: The pieces may have slight imperfections in the form or finish of the materials

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