Vietri Campagna Collection Salad Plate $44.00

The gold standard of terracotta comes from Italy.

Literally translating to “baked earth” in Italian, terracotta typically refers to red-tinted earthenware made from porous clay. Clay found in Italy, particularly Tuscany, is famously durable and historically was used for utilitarian ends, like roofing tiles or bricks. However, despite being coarser than other clays that are popular for tabletop ceramics (like porcelain), terracotta lends itself well to serveware, taking on glaze and shape beautifully to become heirloom quality platters, bowls and the like.

Not sure how you’d use it?

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Stack these salad plates on top of the full-size dinner plates of your choice to add a layer of visual interest to your table. Mix and match your set with each style of plate. Pair these with the Vietri Campagna Collection Oval Platter to serve salads or a first course with extra flair.

Kitchen Notes

This piece is dishwasher-safe, but wash the Campagna collection in a lightly loaded dishwasher, arranged to avoid touching other dishes, with a nonabrasive, unscented detergent. Dry thoroughly before storing. This piece is also microwave-safe. Natural clays may get hot in the microwave: Always use a pot holder when handling microwaved Campagna dishes and allow them to cool slightly before removing form microwave. Do not place this piece or other Campagna dishes in the microwave without food or liquid.

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