Mymouné Apricot Preserves

I am a huge fan of apricot preserves but find that most brands are too syrupy with little fruit flavor. This Mymouné Apricot Preserves is sweet and thick but it has tons of real apricot flavor. Since fresh apricots are mostly flavorless these days- they go from unripe to rotten almost overnight – this is all the more special: apricot essence that reminds me of fruit just picked off a tree at the end of a warm, summer day. Great on toast, of course, but I also love a dollop of this on oatmeal, as a cookie filling, or used as a glaze for a pound or one-layer cake (warmed up so it is spreadable - you can also add some bourbon to it if you like!) If you love apricots, you will adore this.

  • 350g

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