Milk Street Coffee Sugars Variety Pack — Set of 4 $35.80 $19.95

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Don’t let the name fool you—our coffee sugars are great as a pantry ingredient as well. At breakfast, we dust them over our morning cereal—hot or cold—as well as toast slathered with melted butter, nut butters or ricotta. Or sprinkle them over yogurt, smoothies and fruit salads, or as an alternative to syrups on pancakes, waffles and French toast. For dessert, we fold them into whipped cream or use them to spice up cakes, cookie bars and other sweet treats. You'll find a dozen uses or more for each coffee sugar; they will add a global twist to your recipes and transform your cooking.

Kitchen Notes

Sugar isn't just for sprinkling-- try infusing your recipes with flavor by swapping out our spiced sugars for some or all of the sugar in everyday baking recipes, such as sweet biscuits and scones, pancakes and waffles, and pastry crusts.

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